Life is so confusing

If people had my humor and understood my sarcasm… I wouldn’t be thought of as a bitch… oh well :)

I cant live without affection.

i need a friendly smile now and then, a man to put his arm around my shoulder/

if that makes you think less of me i cant help that.

I wasn’t meant to live alone.

i know it suits you, but it doesn’t suit other people.

just when I made so much progress, one word from you and its all ruined.

when I am continuously furious at or hurt by someone I always forgive them because I cant see them not in my life and hope they would care enough about me to realize how they hurt me.

But when the same person decides they dont need me in their life, its the hardest thing for me and I try everything in my power to change their mind. then I start looking pathetic, and know it… but cant stop.